We thank you very much for your trust in our travel organization egypte4allreizen.com. Naturally, there are conditions when booking a trip that you and we must adhere to. You now know us as the provider of your tailor-made trip, carefully put together. You will receive a travel proposal from us, in accordance with your wishes. This is based on the travel offer within the egypte4allreizen.com program and the corresponding applicable rates.

All this translated into a tailor-made quotation. For quotes that are open for more than ten days, we reserve the right to adjust the travel price to the current situation and rates. The booking and reservation of your travel proposal or excursion becomes final when you complete all relevant information on the booking form, and after payment of the deposit.

This down payment amounts to 50% of the total travel sum. The invoice you receive for this provides insight into your travel schedule. The deposit represents the final booking receipt together with a copy of your passport and flight ticket. (this also for the benefit of your insurance, see further in the conditions). If due to circumstances you have to cancel the trip and this happens before 8 weeks of the departure date, you will receive 25% of the deposit amount back. You will receive your second invoice 8 weeks before departure and this must be paid 7 weeks before departure.

The invoice contains all details, including the method of payment via our bank established in Egypt, namely: CIB international bank. If you make your reservation less than 8 weeks before departure, the deposit will be forfeited and the entire travel sum will be due upon receipt. of the invoice must be paid immediately.

Due to all detailed agreements made with our Egyptian service providers, it is not possible to change the agreed itinerary other than necessary. If it is necessary to make changes on site due to acute circumstances, we will offer you the most suitable alternative possible, while maintaining or improving the quality. Unfortunately, we are then forced to pass on any additional costs.

Although we do everything we can to prevent price changes, there is always the possibility that a price change will occur after your booking, for example when the entrance prices for a grave, temple visit or nature park are adjusted by the government. Furthermore, it is never completely excluded that there will be a monument to be visited is closed during an excursion that is part of the travel or excursion program.
This form of force majeure even exceeds egypte4allreizen.com. And here too, we try to provide a suitable alternative as best as possible.

Naturally, even if you are already staying in Egypt, you can contact our organization to book short trips or excursions. We come to you for consultation – where possible – (at your hotel, resort or any other address) and can often fulfill your wishes on site (thanks to our many good contacts). Further processing will take place during this personal contact with you, including completing the booking form and concluding with payment of the excursion fees or travel sum. In this way, your wishes can be fulfilled immediately. egypte4allreizen.com does not provide travel and cancellation insurance. For a safe and healthy trip, we urgently recommend that you take out this insurance with your insurer.

You are responsible for obtaining medical information if your health requires it, as well as for having a passport that is valid for six (!) months after return. The costs for the mandatory tourist visa are approximately € 25.00 per person. This amount must be paid (correctly) at the visa counter in the arrivals hall. As you understand, it provides egypte4allreizen.com cannot book your flight. This is mainly because you are much better off booking the flight combination of your choice with the airline of your choice. Get information about this on the companies’ websites.

Once you arrive at your destination airport, or at your destination, the service of egypte4allreizen.com extends far. If you wish, egypte4allreizen.com will take care of your entire trip from the moment you arrive at the airport until the moment you check in at the airport full of adventure and experiences for your flight home. egypte4allreizen.com wishes you an unforgettable holiday in Egypt.