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First we visit the double temple in Kom-Ombo. This temple stands on a prominent rocky outcrop on the Nile. This is located on an excellent rocky outcrop on the Nile.

The legend about the temple of Kom-Ombo

The temple of Kom-Ombo, located 50 km north of Aswan. Kom-Ombo, means hill of gold. Kom is hill and ombo comes from Nbo which is Nubian for gold and here used to be gold mines.

This double-temple temple is dedicated to two gods. The god with the crocodile head Sobek, and the god with his falcon head Horus. But in this temple, he is called Haruris and is an older form of the god Horus.

People worshipped animals in the form of a god. This does not mean that they worshiped the animals themselves. They took only the image of the animal and made it in the form of a god.

Why is it that crocodiles were worshiped here. Aswan is 50 km south of Kom-ombo and this city is located on the first cataract which consists of huge granite blocks lying in the middle of the river.

So they block the Nile flow, so it was only during the rainy season when the water rose between 28 and 36 meters high.
Only at this point could the Crocodiles continue to swim north. It was a long and hectic 50-km trek they had to go through.

By land was not possible because everywhere the banks were too high to get out.

When they were finally able to land, they attacked everything, they were tired and hungry and ate everything that came in their way, animals, birds and even people.

So the people who lived in Kom-Ombo had to come up with something for this problem.

So they turned the crocodile into a god named Sobek, and they built a temple in his honor and held a huge feast for him every year.
They made many sacrifices every day, in return asking for a protected life and protection for the other crocodiles.
But they were not happy about it, because the ancient Egyptians saw the crocodile as a symbol of bad things, and it is not good for people to worship a bad person in a temple.

The Ancient Egyptians gave Horus four forms like Horus the avenger in Edfu, in Kom-Ombo,
Horus the Elder, in Philea Horus the Baby and in Dendera Horus the Child.
The temple is a unique temple, it is actually 2 temples one half is for Sobek and the other half for Haroeris.

Then we drive to Edfu where this is second largest temple in Egypt except for that of the temple of Karnak. The temple is dedicated to the Falcon-god Horus of vengeance.

The Horus temple at Edfu

Edfu is considered one of the oldest cities in Egypt. Edfu was the 3rd province in ancient times and the 1st name was Behedet then it became Etbo and then Edfu which means“the city of vengeance.” Temple of Horus is located on the west bank of the Nile.

The temple is the second largest temple in Egypt after the Temple of Karnak but also one of the best-preserved temples. The temple is dedicated to the falcon god Horus.

inscriptions are very important and give us an enormous amount of information about language the myths and religion in Greco-Roman times.
Construction started in 237 b. Chr., during the reign of Ptolemy III and was completed in 57 B.C. Chr. under Ptolemy XII

The temple was built on an older smaller temple, which was also dedicated to Horus but dates back to the New Kingdom and had been built by Ramses I, Seti I and Ramses II.


Discovered in 1860 by French archaeologist Auguste Mariette, it took 43 years to remove all the sand.
Temple of Horus is the best preserved temple and is built of sandstone.

Edfu Temple has the traditional elements of an Egyptian temple of the New Kingdom, along with some Greek elements such as the Mamisi which means “the house of the divine birth”

The reason the temple was built here is because this is where Horus won his victory over his uncle Seth and sent him into the desert.

What we are standing in front of now is the pylon of the temple, these are 2 large towers and you can see in each of the towers are 2 grooves these are flag masts one for Edfu and one for the god Horus.


On the pylon, Horus the Avenger stands as a great warrior with prisoners brought back from war. The king holds them by the hair in 1 hand. And stands ready to strike them and offer them to Horus and his wife Hathor. The king wears the white crown of Upper Egypt on one side and the Red crown of Lower Egypt on the other tower. Thus he confirmed that he is king of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Egypt 4all reizen employees (Dutch, Italian, or English-speaking guides) will guide you throughout the entire day of the excursion.


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