The Sultan Hassan Mosque ,Raffih Mosque , Mosque of Amr Ibn Al Ash , The Hanging Church or the Holy Virgin Mary Coptic Church and Ben Ezra synagogue.


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Sultan Hassan and Raffai mosque and old Cairo

We visit 2 of the largest mosques to begin with,

The Sultan Hassan Mosque is not only a mosque but also a Madrasa this is Arabic for school. It is a beautiful mosque in the style of early Mameluk architecture in Cairo.

The mosque dates back to 1356-1363. However, Sultan Hassan’s sons are buried there, in the back part of the mosque. Beyond the entrance, a dark corridor leads to an open area. Here, four rooms called iwans were used for Qur’anic lessons. The eastern iwan serves as the Mihab. A bronze door on the right leads to the room where Sultan Hassan’s sons are buried.

Raffih Mosque

The mosque directly opposite the Sultan Hassan Mosque is the Raffih Mosque.

Most members of the modern royal family are buried here.

This was the Mohamed Ali dynasty.


Furthermore, he was once married to a daughter of King Fouad, Princess Fawzia who was thus Empress of Persia.

Sultan Hassan and Raffai mosque and old Cairo

Mosque of Amr Ibn Al Ash

The mosque of Amr originally dates back to 641-642 AD. Chr. as the center of Egypt’s newly established capital, Fustat.

The original structure was the first mosque ever built in Egypt and all of Africa.

The site for the mosque was the location of the tent of the commander of the Islamic army, General Amr ibn al-As.

According to tradition, a voge chose the original location

In 641, before he and his army attacked their capital Alexandria in the northwestern part of the Nile River delta, Amr had pitched his tent on the east side of the Nile, in the southern part of the delta.

As the story is told, just before Amr set out for battle, a dove laid an egg in his tent.

Upon Amr’s victorious return, he had to select a location for a new capital, as Umar had determined it couldn’t be in faraway Alexandria. Consequently, Amr declared the site of the dove’s egg sacred and established it as the center of his new city, Fustat, or Misr al-Fustat, “City of tents

The original layout consisted of a simple rectangle, measuring 29 meters long and 17 meters wide.

It featured a low barn with columns constructed from split palm logs, stones, and clay bricks, covered by a roof of wood and palm leaves.

The Hanging Church or the Holy Virgin Mary Coptic Church

The Hanging Church is one of the oldest churches in Egypt’s history. A church has existed on this site since the 3rd century AD and belonged to the Coptic Orthodox Church. The church bears the name of an ancient Roman fortress, the gatehouse of Babylon.. The nave suspends above the passageway of this gate.

ground surface has risen by 6 meters since Roman times and thus for the most part buried underground.

The building features 2 bell towers visible from the courtyard.

To get to the entrance, you need to climb a staircase of 29 steps.

Once inside, you enter another courtyard and here is the 11th century porch.

The church represents the first built in Cairo in the Basilica style

The Church has 110 icons, the oldest of which dates from the 8th century but most of which date from the 18th century.

Nakhla al Barady gave several away as gifts in 1898, when he was superintendent of the church.

Above the altar are 7 large icons, with Christ seated on his throne in the middle.

On one side, there are icons depicting Mary, the archangel Gabriel, and St. Peter. On the other side are icons of St. John the Baptist, Archangel Michael, and St. Paul.

One of the altars, constructed with 13 columns, symbolizes Christ with his 12 disciples.This altar is exclusively for use on Palm Sunday. The ceiling of the church hall symbolizes Noah’s ark.

Ben Ezra synagogue

en Ezra synagogue originated from an ancient Christian church dating back to the 4th century The Copts sold the building to pay taxes to Ibn Tulun in the 9th century. Consequently, in 882, the patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria sold the church and its grounds to a group of Jews.

There are several legends here at the Ben Esra.Now it resembles a well, but this was the place where Pharaoh’s daughter found Moses in his wicker basket

And Mary here used water to wash Jesus. The current building dates from 1890.

Last but not least, we will visit the new museum here in Fustat where you can see all the mummies of the kings of the new empire.

The entire excursion day you will be accompanied by employees of egypte4allreizen (Dutch, Italian or English speaking guides).Sultan Hassan and Raffai mosque and old Cairo


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Sultan Hassan and Raffai mosque and old Cairo

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