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The 15-day tour with Egypt 4 All Travel offers an in-depth exploration of Egypt’s cultural and historical treasures. The adventure begins in Cairo, where you will discover the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx complex. Then travel along the Nile to Luxor, where the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Karnak enchant you.

The tour continues to Aswan, where the majestic Philae Temple and the pristine beauty of Nubian culture await. Enjoy a relaxing Nile cruise and explore the traditional souks in towns along the river.

Egypt 4 All reizen

provides expert guides, comfortable accommodations and a well thought out itinerary, allowing you to experience the highlights of Egypt in an engaging way. From historical monuments to local delicacies, this trip promises an unforgettable immersion in Egypt’s rich history and culture.

The entire excursion day you will be accompanied by employees of (Dutch, Italian or English-speaking guides).

egypt is not liable for theft and or accidents. But we will be at your side to solve the problem.

When booking the excursions 50% deposit is required.


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  • All transfers from the airports in Cairo and Luxor
  • All transportation the entire trip.
  • All transportation during the excursions included. Driver and guide
  • Hotels of the tour H.B.
  • All tickets except extra tickets.
  • All lunches
  • Feluca incl. lunch
  • The domestic flight
  • Own expenses
  • All drinks Such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcohol, at the hotels or in between.
  • All additional tickets, pyramid of Cheops, Nefertari, Seti I, Ramses VI and Tutankhamun
  • Tips pot 50 euros per person
  • The international flight

Tour Plan

Day 1

Flight from your home country to Cairo international airport, Transfer to your hotel.

Overnight stay in Old Cairo/Fustat.

Day 2 Cairo

On our first day, we remain in Old Cairo, also known as Fustat, and visit the grand mosques, Sultan Hassan and Raffai Mosque. In these mosques, we can also see the tombs of the last royal family of the Mohamed Ali dynasty. Then we visit the Hanging Coptic Church and the Synagogue, Then we visit the museum National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (N.M.E.C) here are all the royal mummies of mainly the New Kingdom. Last one today, we go to Muizz street where the Khan el Khalili souk can also be found. After dinner drive to Giza and check into the hotel there.

Lunch and dinner along the way.

Overnight Old Cairo/Fustat

Day 3 Giza

This morning we begin with the 3 great pyramids of the kings of the 4th dynasty in the Old Kingdom, We view the pyramid of Cheops inside and the pyramid of Queen Henutsen the mother of King Chefren. Finally, the mastaba of Meresankh III the granddaughter of Cheops.

After lunch we visit the new GEM museum located just behind the pyramids.

Lunch and dinner along the way.

Overnight Giza.

Day 4 Memphis and Sakkara

We drive to Memphis today the place is called Mit Rahina, this is the ancient capital of Egypt,founded by King Narmer who is also responsible for changing Egypt from 2 countries into one. In Memphis is a huge colossal statue of Ramses II this is the twin of the large statue we have already seen in the hall of the GEM museum. And we visit the alabaster sphinx that once stood in front of the temple of the god Ptah.

Then we drive to Sakkara this is the burial site of the kings of the ancient empire and high officials who lived and worked in Memphis.

We start with the Djoser pyramid, then we walk to the tombs of the new empire and see the tombs of General Horemheb who was never buried here but has his tomb in the Valley of the Kings because he later became king, and we visit the tomb of Maya and Merit whose beautiful statues we have in the RMO.

Then we go to the other side of Sakkara there we visit the pyramid of King Teti from the 6th dynasty and which is completely full of hieroglyphics. Two of his sons-in-law have their graves right in front of the pyramid namely Merenruka and Kagemny. These tombs are executed in high-relief interspersed with paintings. Merenruka's tomb also contains a beautiful statue of this high official.

On the Road Lunch and Dinner

Overnight Giza.

Day 5 Dashur and Fayum

Today we check out of the hotel in Giza, and drive to Dashur here are the pyramids of King Snefru the father of King Cheops. The first one he built was the Knik pyramid or the Bent pyramid but he abandoned it because the soil was too soft for the weight of this huge pyramid. He then built the Red Pyramid 2 km away. Further on is also the Black Pyramid of King Amenemhat III but we can view it from the Bent Pyramid.

After visiting Dashur, we drive further south and visit the Fayum. Here view the Medum pyramid also built by King Snefru it is a strange building today but here the outer shell has completely sunk down. After this pyramid, we will go to the El-Lisht pyramid of King Sesostris I Middle Kingdom and the Hawara pyramid with the labyrinth.

After these visits, we drive on to El-Minya.

Lunch and dinner along the way.

Overnight El-Minya.

Day 6 Minya

After breakfast we will visit the monuments around Minya the nice thing is that in this area there are monuments from all times of history.

First we go to Tuna-el-Gebel, here we find the huge border A of King Akhnaton from the Amarna era. Akhnaton had erected steles around the entire area of Achet-Aton to mark the boundary where his territory began. Then we go to the tomb of Pet-Osiris from the 26th dynasty this is a special tomb. The tomb itself is built like a temple the hall the Greco-Roman but inside it is again very real Egyptian. Then we visit the tomb of lady Isodora this story is a real Romeo & Juliet story last here the serapeum of the Ibises. Then we drive to Heliopolis here stood a temple of Amenhotep III to the god Thot because here we are at the cult site of the god Thot. He the the god of wisdom and writers. His personality was in 2 different guises the Ibis bird and the baboon. In front of this temple are two huge huge baboons unfortunately only one is whole. Opposite this temple is a remnant of a Christian basilica.

After lunch we go to the east side of the nile and visit the private tombs of Beni-hassan these were the tombs of the governors of the 12th hazengouw from the Middle Kingdom. Then we drove on for two kilometers and visited the Speos of Queen Hatshepsut and Thutmose III in the wady dedicated to the goddess Pakhet the goddess of wadies. Last today we go to the Frazer tombs these are tombs from the Old Kingdom, early5th dynasty of priests of Hathor.

Lunch and dinner along the way.

Overnight El-Minya

Day 7 Achet-Aton or Tell-Amarna

This morning we continue south again and drive to the great sun city of King Akhnaton, Achet-Aton or Tell-el-Amarna. Here we first visit the northern palace where Queen Nefertete injured and where Tutankhamun was born and raised. Then to the northern tombs where, after a considerable climb, we will visit, among others, the beautiful private tomb of Mery-Re. Then to the King's Wady to the tomb of the king himself which is laid out so that every morning when the sun rises the tomb is directly in the sun. Then over the old road that Akhnaton and Nefertete used to ride to the south tombs here is the main tomb of Ay he was only never buried here because he was successor to Tutankhamun after his untimely death.

After visiting Amarna, we headed back to the west bank of the Nile and visited the small museum in Mallawi which was terribly damaged during the last revolution but has now been completely rebuilt.

Along the way lunch and dinner.

Overnight Mallawi

Day 8 Abydos and Dendera

We will drive from Mallawi to Abydos and visit the temple of King Seti I the Osirium built by Merenptah son of Ramses II and grandson of Seti I. 50 meters further in the desert is the temple of Ramses II in which there are still many beautiful colors.

After this visit we drive on to Dendera the temple and cult site of the goddess Hathor the goddess of love and music.

Then we drive on to Luxor.

Lunch and dinner along the way.

Overnight luxor

Day 9 Luxor

We have arrived in ancient Thebes and visit the Valley of the Kings on our ticket we are allowed to visit 3 tombs but the tombs of Tutankhamun, Ramses Vi and Seti I must be bought separate tickets. This will be recorded with you in advance by the guide/tour leader. Coming out of the Valley of the Kings, we visit the house where Howard Carter lived during the excavations of Tutankhamun's tomb. Then we visit the temple of Hatshepsut and lies in the cirque of Deir-el-Bahary.

Lunch and dinner along the way.

Overnight Luxor

Day 10 Luxor

Our second day in Luxor we visit the Valley of the Kings 3 tombs on 1 ticket and the tomb of Queen Neferatri must be paid for separately. This will be recorded with you in advance by the guide/tour leader. Then we visit Deir-el- medina the village of the workers and finally the temple of Medinet Habu.

Lunch and dinner along the way.

Overnight Luxor

Day 11 Between Luxor and Aswan

This morning we continue south again, first we visit the tomb of Anchtify in El-Moallah a tomb at the end of the Old Kingdom. Then we continue to Esna where the cult temple of Chnum stands in the middle of the village 9 meters deeper. Then on to the private tombs of the 18th dynasty at El-Kabb. Then finally today to the temple of Edfu the cult temple of the god Horus. Then we drive on to Aswan.

In the afternoon, a felouka trip through the1st cataract.

On the road lunch and dinner

Overnight Aswan

Day 12 Aswan

Today we go to the southernmost point of our great journey namely to the Sun temples of Ramses II and Nefertari. These are located in Abu-Simbel both temples have been moved for water 60 meters up and 150 meters inland. Otherwise, they would have been completely underwater by now.

On the way back we will visit another temple area namely the New Wady es Seboea, here are 3 temples that were also saved from the water namely the temple of Dakka, Maharakka and Wady es Sebua.

After this, back to Aswan

Lunch and dinner along the way.

Overnight Aswan

Day 13 Aswan

This morning we go back to Luxor but first we visit the temple of Kom-Ombo the only double temple in Egypt dedicated to the god Sobek and Haruris this is horus the elder.

After this visit we drive directly back to and the afternoon you are free.

On the road lunch and dinner

Overnight Luxor

Day 14 Luxor

Today is our last day and we visit the temple complex of Karnak in the afternoon we visit the Luxor temple and have coffee at the most famous coffee house Umm Kalsum. In the evening we have our farewell dinner because unfortunately ours has ended.

Day 15

Transfer Luxor airport, to Cairo and then to your home country.

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