QUEEN HENUTSEN was a daughter of the pharaoh Snefru and the third wife of Cheops. Henutsen married her older half-brother Cheops. Her name is known from a 26th Dynasty stela, found next to a temple to Isis, which was built during the 20th Dynasty, near Pyramid G1-c. The stele calls her “King’s daughter”.

The children of Henutsen and Cheops are buried in Giza. Khafre is said to be a son of Henutsen and Cheops. If so, Khafre may have added pyramid G1C to his father’s pyramid complex to bury his mother there. Henutsen is further attested in the tomb of Minkhaf I (G7430-G7440) and depicted in Khufukhaf’s tomb.

Pyramid G 1c was not originally part of Cheops pyramid complex, as its southern side is not aligned with the side of the Great Pyramid. So it could be that Khafre had this small pyramid built later for his mother Henutsen.

she was the daughter of Pharaoh Sneferu, but this is not generally accepted. Henutsen is not known to have ever held the title of “king’s daughter” or “corporeal daughter of the king”, both titles that would have unmistakably marked her as a princess.

The only document describing her as a princess is the famous Inventory Stela from the 26th Dynasty (Saite period).

The artifact is identified by scholars as a contemporary fake made by Saite priests,

thus the information about Henutsen’s royal status as a princess is questioned. The only royal title proven for her is the title of “king’s wife”.

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